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 The Graduate School of the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences of the University of Szeged was established in 2002. In the previous period PhD students had participated in individual training. Our Graduate School has 14 university professor regular-members at present, and we provide facilities to pursue doctoral studies in the frame of 11 alternative training programs. Beside the well-known university professors, there are numerous PhD supervisor associate professors, having much experience. The younger generation of scholars at the Faculty also undertakes supervising tasks, therefore, we can provide consultants to nearly any chosen research topics to those interested. 

Due to the wide-range training programs, not only lawyer graduates, but also those, having master degrees in industrial relations, social security, public administration, international relations or political science can be admitted to our Graduate School. In order to arrange organized PhD training in the research fields of PhD students, we have developed two modules for domestic students, in which the system of obligatory courses is different: PhD students may pursue their studies either in the “public law” or in the “civil law” training module. 
Beside these, a “foreign language module” also operates, in which partially the teachers of the Graduate School and partially well-known foreign guest-professors deliver lectures and have seminars in foreign languages, primarily in English and German. We provide the facilities to gain a PhD degree to foreign students in this module. 
The number of our PhD students is increasing year by year. At present 30-35 persons per year begin their studies here. The number of PhD degrees has also increased constantly since the establishment of the Graduate School: 28 students gained their doctoral degrees between 2010 and 2013.
In conformity with West-European trends, PhD degree, gained by serious professional investment, has and will have more and more value, prestige and significance at the international labour market both in the public or judicial and in the private sector.