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How to apply?

Research topics in our PhD program

 1. Prior to submitting your application

It is essential that you check whether your specific research interests can be adequately supervised at our Graduate School before submitting a full application. Therefore, prior to this please email your provisional research proposal to the Secretary of the Graduate School (Dr Zsuzsanna Fejes, see contact details above). This should be 1500–2000 words in length and should include a title and a short summary of the proposed subject area. There is no specific format for research proposals but the following areas are usually covered: introduction; language of the future dissertation; background reading; knowledge or previous experience of the research area; aims of the research project; any proposed hypotheses.

The Secretary of the Graduate School will then contact the professor who may provide supervision in the particular research field to ascertain whether they are available. If your area of research can potentially be supervised, you will be encouraged to submit a full application. 



Language requirements

 As a foreign student you may conduct the PhD-training in English or German. Writing your PhD dissertation is possible also in these two languages. Therefore, if you choose one of these languages as the language of your future PhD dissertation that is not your native language, then you shall prove your knowledge of the chosen language at least on an intermediate level. You may certify your language skills by any adequate documents (language certificate, etc.).




You should send your application for the next academic year of 2017-2018 until

15th May 2017 .



2. Application procedure


If you would like to enrol for our Graduate School for participating in the PhD training, you shall apply via E-mail to the Secretary of the Graduate School or by postal mail to the address of the Graduate School (see contact details above).

Your completed application should consist of:

  1. Application form

  2. Your research proposal (2-3 printed pages).

There is no specified format for research proposals but the following areas shall be covered: introduction, short literature review, knowledge or previous experience of research area, how your research project will make an original and independent contribution to knowledge, aims and objectives of the research project, and the language of the future dissertation. If you have already received feedback on a research proposal submitted to the Graduate School prior to making the application, you should incorporate this into your proposal.

  1. Your Curriculum Vitae

  1. Two references.

At least one of the references must be from an academic. Your referees should be able to tell us about the standard of your recent academic or professional work, your ability to work at postgraduate level in the subject area in which you intend to study, your ability to work independently, your ability to participate in seminars and to carry out academic research work, your personal qualities, and possibly of your knowledge of the chosen language.

  1. Scanned copies of your Master’s degree certificate.

  1. Scanned copy of a transcript of your academic record to date (if relevant).

  1. If the chosen language of your future dissertation is not your native language, scanned copies of any language qualifications.



3. What happens once you have applied?


The Secretary of the Graduate School will acknowledge receipt of your application by E-mail. Providing that all of the relevant documentation has been received, the Secretary of the Graduate School will then forward your application and supporting documents to the Head of the Graduate School and your possible future supervisor. They will discuss your application before making a decision.

All decisions are based on academic merit (where appropriate professional experience, publications, written reports or other appropriate evidence of accomplishment shall be taken into consideration), the availability of an appropriate supervisor, and the receipt of two satisfactory references.

We strive to make a decision within one month of receiving your application. Please note, however, decisions may take longer during busier periods of the academic year.



Possible outcomes


You will be notified of the outcome of your application by E-mail.

  1. Admission

  An admission may be issued to an applicant who has submitted all of the necessary application documents, met all of our entrance requirements, and can be supervised by our academic staff. The enrolment for the Graduate School is then, however, subject to payment of the appropriate fees, each year, for the duration of the training program.

  You will be sent a formal letter of admission from the Graduate School. This constitutes the agreement between you and the Graduate School. You will not be able to enrol until you have accepted this admission by signing and returning the acceptance enclosed with your letter of admission.

  Once your signed acceptance has been received, the Graduate Office will issue a Confirmation of acceptance for studies, which you will need in order to apply for your visa (if relevant). Any queries about the process of enrolment should be emailed to the Secretary of the Graduate School.


  1. Rejection

  A rejection letter will be issued to an applicant whose application has been unsuccessful. This may be for a number of reasons, such as there are no supervisors available to supervise in the area of your research interest, or your application was deemed not to demonstrate readiness for a research degree. Where possible, we will provide a reasoning for our decision and make suggestions, how you could improve any future applications.


Change in your circumstances


Please inform the Secretary of the Graduate School of any changes in your personal circumstances (for instance change to your home or E-mail address, etc.). If your change in circumstances means that you are no longer able to start your research and training on your specified start date, please inform the Secretary of the Graduate School immediately.



Thank you for your interest in the PhD program in the Graduate School of the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences. We wish you every success with your research career whether at the University of Szeged or elsewhere.